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When creating a profile it is best to be original, straight to the point, and honest. I can not stress the honest part enough. It is so easy to exaggerate who you are and what your life entails, but it will eventually become to difficult trying to keep track of all the lies. So, let’s look at what online dating survey has found after questioning thousands of people about their dating lives.

Question 1

The first question of the survey asked; “What do you consider a deal breaker if they see it on someones profile?”

In other words, people are least likely to respond if you have; no pictures of yourself, a negative bio, none compatible lifestyle choices, all only group photos, political affiliation, all photos are selfies, and religious affiliation. So, you can conclude that anything you write and or post may or may not attract someones attention.

Question 2

Another study ask; “Are you hitched?”

In 2019, the average age at first marriage in the United States was around 30 for men and 28 for women. In 1960, it was close to 23 for men and 20 women.

1960 it was 72% married.

2020 it was 46% married.

So, you can conclude from this study that more people are waiting longer in life before getting married. Which is great if you are single, never married, and divorced looking for love or wanting to jumpstart your dating life. This also shows that in 1960 compared to 2020, 28% of people were divorced compared to 54% in 2020. The good news is that more Americans are single or divorced, which means the dating pool is much larger.

Question 3

Another study ask; “During the date where do you typically go on a first date?”

The majority of those that answered said; drinks at the bar, casual coffee, recreational activity, someones home, and out for dinner.

Question 4

Now, after the date; “How long do you normally date before having the defining relationship talk?”

Answers varied from one month, three months, longer than three months, and I avoid the conversation entirely.

Question 5

Another survey asked; “Do you believe in soul mates?”

70% said they do. So, there are thousands of Americans that are truly looking for everlasting love and not just taking online dating as a joke.

Lastly, when creating your profile; list and describe as much as possible about yourself and your life. Do everything within your comfort level. And when searching for your future mate be as open-minded as you can without judging anyone based on first appearances. Have fun and good luck.

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