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3. Regular is Free, Platinum $55.99, Diamond $75.99 included Ask The Expert $150®.

I felt the world needed my All NEW Hybrid Online Dating Social Media Networking IT Platform™ so they can express their accomplishments, learn, teach, give new ideas, and just hangout without being judged or harassed. This company will help, teach, manage your dating, marriage, and or love life. We will provide the Best first and only dating tips, advice, words of wisdom, and techniques that are not found any place else in the world.

This website was created by someone that’s always thinking outside of the box.

The purpose is to match men and women who are willing to learn and teach in order to become a better person and better lover. We want to bring in all levels of people with equally interesting and similar backgrounds together. This company aim is to reduce and or eliminate the negative mental health such as depression, suicidal thoughts, sadness, and loneliness that follows a breakup, divorce, and those who do not know how to speak to the person they are interested in.

Pricing is based on one’s need. If you are just curious, then it is free to browse. Or if you would like to actually take time to find your future partner, then it would be better to buy the month to month packages.

Mahaton Place is free for everyone to join. To access the entire website and take advantage of all the benefits of MP there will be a charge of $55.99 for the Platinum Package, and $75.99 for the Diamond Package. Also, our Brand New Ask the Expert Package is $150 per month. We also provide a variety of different options that are as cheap as $1.50.

It is free to cancel.

Once your package ends, you won’t be able to receive and respond to messages anymore, but you’ll still be able to sign in to your account. Your profile and photos will remain visible, unless you choose to hide them manually.

Mahaton Place will retain all funds charged to your account until you cancel your package through your service account. Certain users may be entitled to request a refund.

To request a refund or exchange, just ask our team of customer care representatives. Please note that refunds are available for purchases of our first-time users and upgraded diamond users, and the refund total is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Yes, there are many ways to receive a discounts. We will run promotions during the holidays, you can refer a friend, and we offer random promotions; TBD.

This is a section or program that gives our members the opportunity to ask for help from our expert. This person can help with simple dating advice from common introductions, to difficult exits, and how to end the date. The expert also provides the best choice of clothing, what type of watches, jewelry, and what type of cologne or perfume to wear, and the best hair haircuts for you. Ask The Expert® is a one stop shop for our members; If we don’t have the answer, We will find the answer.

This is a service that will provide a rush answer depending on how serious the nature of the help is and we will provide answers as soon as possible. We can help to answer questions that are too personal for parents, friends, or coworkers. Ask The Expert® is a private and confidential service, so your secret is safe with us.

If you are single, divorced, widowed, lonely, or unhappy with your current relationship; this is for you. If you are shy and also have been out of the dating scene for some time; this is for you. If you feel bitter about your last relationship or marriage and you need a fresh start; this is for you.

Mahaton Place gives people the opportunity to keep up with the dating trends. It also allows people to learn from the expert; as well to communicate new and different ideas with other members.

No, as a fact no one is perfect by definition. But there are stories of people who have met their dream person or their love at first sight or that tall, dark and handsome individual. But, keep in mind, when you set the bar high, you could disqualify your potential future lover or mate.

We feel that everyone cannot afford the same packages as others.