Let me start by giving you my disclaimer because I do not want the many hateful, jealous, envious, greedy, corrupted, and devious individuals to discount and demoralize the people that really need help finding love. I am providing all of this information and material based on opinions from what has and has not worked in the past and present. This information is not all facts, but the real fact is what works for me may not work for you. What worked for you may not in fact work for me. So, like anything in life, practice makes perfect. In addition, each individual will respond differently in the same situation. I have been in situations where someone was failing with their date and they called me for advice. I told them what to do and that solved their problem. And they were surprisingly happy.

Now in the past, at a younger age I was asked for dating advice and was truly confused why this older individual was asking me for help. Apparently, they felt and saw something in me that I was too young to notice. After 2 decades in the making; I decided to build the first and only Hybrid Online Dating Social Media Networking Tech Platform™ around my unique personal experience so that I can help others solve similar problems in their own lives. I hope and pray this improves your love life or at least improve your interactions amongst other people. You do not have to be in love to be happy. Love, marriage, dating, and relationships are not for everyone. There are millions of people with little to no friends and lovers and they are truly happy in their personal lives. And we should be happy for them.

So at the end, I hope you all find Mahaton Place™, Only Athletes™, and Only Uniforms™ useful, helpful, and therapeutic in serving you to become a happier, healthier, and mentally stronger person.

That is why Mahaton Place™, Only Athletes™, and Only Uniforms™ was created.