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To begin, let me start with a little teaser by saying most women enjoy an occasional aggressive man. Do you agree or disagree? Share your opinion on one of our blogs. But let’s go back and take a trip into ancient history. The quick and short history of men and women which includes dating, marring, and having sex dates back circa 8+ million years ago when the first Gods or Et’s (extraterrestrials) came from another planet with their own forms of life and left these primitive ape-like creatures here on this planet. The true history of the creation of man and the accounts of what happen are told in the Book of Enoch, the Nag Hammadi gospels, Book of

Jubilees, the Atrahasis, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Enuma Elish or Enuma Elis which is also the Babylonian Epic of Creation, the Epic of Gilgamesh and or the Old Babylonian Version of Gilgamesh, the World Almanac and Books of Facts and even in the King James Bible (KJV): Genesis 1:26; Then God said, “Let US make man in OUR image and in OURlikeness,”  In addition, many of these ancient writings can be found on the old Sumerian cuneiform tables which can be read and seen in museums all over the world.

Now, let’s fast forward to modern times circa 450,000 years ago with the arrive of the Anunnaki’s who helped to redesign the ancient homo erectus ape like bipedal man to what we are today; primitive worker homosapiens. The Anunnaki’s created homosapiens to work for them, but, after seeing how beautiful primitive men daughters were, many of the Gods gave up their Godship in order to marry these human females. So yes, we are the children of gods.

This is the Keystone of the Dating World

There are 3 phases that we all experience but do not think about when it comes to meeting someone.

1st phase: Sex

This is when we meet someone new, and we have as much sex as possible and actually enjoy it.

2nd phase: Getting to know them  

This is when the sex starts to become a task or a job and now that person is comfortable enough to start asking questions about you, your past, and your future.

3rd phase: Dating/Marriage 

This is the most difficult phase because this is the breaking point for some people. Some individuals are secure and happy to complete the third phase process. But many are just in the process for the first phase and to have fun. Nevertheless, everyone thinks about these in some form or fashion.

Opening lines

Bar/Club/Loud places


Most opening lines can be used everywhere and anywhere the person you are speaking to can hear you. Sometimes you don’t have to speak in order to get them to know what you’re talking about.


If you are at a bar/nightclub or someplace loud; grab a piece of paper or napkin and write your name on it and with a drink on top, slide it to her and look her in the eyes waiting for a response. Now, if she slides it back with her name on it; mark 10 lines down on the napkin so she can write her phone number on it.

For instance: (_ _ _) _ _ _-_ _ _ _.


You can also pour salt on the napkin before you sit your drink down on top of it. The water from the cold drink will make the napkin stick to the cup or glass. Continuing, now slide it back to her. She will either write her name down or she will come closer to you for a conversation out of curiosity. Now, you have the upper hand.



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    This is by far the best material this author has produced. It is a quick and simple read.

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